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We’re playing a leading role in the era of image-driven patient care, helping diagnose diseases earlier, monitor treatments more effectively and deliver therapies with greater precision.
Mass General Imaging hosts the country’s largest hospital-based imaging research program, with approximately $105 million spent annually on related research.
  • As one of the few academic medical centers where physicians and scientists across multiple disciplines collaborate closely to advance medical imaging, Mass General has been — and will remain — home to many important breakthroughs in the field.
  • Our multispecialty neuroscience initiative consists of 2,000+ experts who are changing the way patients and caregivers interact, offering an ever-expanding array of brain- and spine-related services.
  • We are co-founder of the MGH/BWH Center for Clinical Data Science, which is working to combine a wealth of health care data with computational resources to create new ways of solving a variety of health care issues.

Mass General is well-positioned to continue advancing the frontiers of imaging with our …

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clinical and research faculty
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postdoctoral trainees
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Imagine a future where ...

  • Expert faculty use new imaging technologies to predict and measure deterioration in brain health long before clinical symptoms arise. 
  • Investigators harness artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand the processes behind devastating neurological diseases and diagnose these diseases more quickly and accurately. 
  • New therapies integrate advances in high-resolution imaging with increasing precision, leading to minimally invasive interventions that replace many of the aggressive surgical treatments of the past. 

With your support, well bring this future to life, enabling patients and caregivers to make informed decisions on appropriate treatment plans with greater confidence 

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We’re investing in …