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Mass General Research Institute

Now is the time to make new, unprecedented investments so we can continue to realize the full impact of research at Massachusetts General Hospital, improving the health and well-being of people worldwide.

The Mass General Research Institute guides, supports and promotes our scientists through a centralized infrastructure focused on scientific excellence. The Research Institute thrives on the talents of more than 9,500 people collaborating across 30 institutes, centers and departments. Our interdisciplinary teams of investigators conduct the full spectrum and application of discovery — from bench to bedside to community to world — to improve care for patients at Mass General and far beyond.  

At the Research Institute:  

  • Engineers and physician-scientists develop lifesaving technologies together.  
  • Geneticists and molecular biologists illuminate the role of our genes in health and disease.  
  • Top clinicians and scientists partner to solve the complex challenges facing patients. 
  • Our research teams work across 1.3 million square feet of research space and are conducting more than 2,000 clinical trials at any given time. 

Located within one of the nation’s most prestigious academic medical centers — and in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities for biomedical innovation — Mass General is poised to continue breaking new ground.  

“This is a moment of extraordinary opportunity in science and medicine. The Mass General Research Institute has the unique advantage of being in the center of one of the greatest hospitals in the world. It is also at the heart of one of the world's greatest cities for biomedical innovation. We must leverage our strength to pursue every partnership and every promising idea. There is not a moment to spare.”

The Late W. Gerald Austen, MD

Chair, Chiefs’ Council, Massachusetts General Hospital

Researchers at work

Imagine a future where … 

  • Our exceptional investigators have critical, unrestricted funding that allows them to explore their best ideas and fully commit their time and talent to bringing new treatments to patients. 
  • Scientists across our hospital are engaged in strategic programs that facilitate unique and creative interdisciplinary collaborations to tackle some of the great challenges of our time. 
  • Biotech industry experts — here in Boston and around the world — collaborate with us to translate science into innovations in medicine and health care. 

With your partnership, we’ll bring this future to life and continue to drive research forward in service to our patients and their families and communities, both locally and globally.  

Molecular microbiologist and immunobiologist Laurence Rahme, PhD, MSc, the John Lawrence MGH Research Scholar 2020-2025, is developing new treatments in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infection.
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Former Mass General Leaders Fund the Future

Mass General leaders past and present come together to honor the man known as “Mr. MGH” and support extraordinary scientists, like molecular microbiologist and immunobiologist Laurence Rahme, PhD, MSc, the John Lawrence MGH Research Scholar 2020-2025.

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Were investing in …  

Gary Tearney Lab


You can ignite our full potential by supporting the next generation of scientific innovators.

  • MGH Research Scholars: This prestigious awards program promotes progress in medicine by supporting Mass General scientists who have innovative ideas that may be considered too “out of the box” for traditional funding sources.  
  • Endowed MGH Research Institute Chairs: Endowed chairs create an enduring reservoir of funding and help us recruit and retain world-class scientists who are leaders in their fields and across the hospital. These accomplished senior researchers provide essential training and mentorship for the next generation of scientists at Mass General.  
  • Scientific leaders: We’ve built a diverse, passionate team of research leaders who will execute bold and visionary scientific programs.  
  • Promoting diversity: We sponsor award programs that support scientists and future scientists who are underrepresented in medicine, at all stages of their development.  
Researcher working on a complicated machine


Your philanthropy can accelerate the pace of lifesaving discovery, today and tomorrow.

  • Thematic research centers: The Research Institute is home to five thematic research centers where clinicians and scientists chart new terrain in biomedical research to treat and prevent human disease and bring the latest advances to patient care. 
  • Translational and clinical research centers: Providing infrastructure for researchers from academia and industry who seek to conduct patient-oriented research, these centers are key to translating scientific discovery into advances in patient care.  
Cellular Immunotherapy Program - Maus Lab

Programs and Initiatives

With your gift, you’ll facilitate interdisciplinary research and bench-to-bedside collaboration.

  • Challenge-Driven Research Programs: These unique research programs galvanize new thinking and teamwork in areas underlying a wide range of health conditions. More than 250 investigators from 20 Mass General departments and centers have come together and developed research strategies and tactics to address important questions in key areas of medical need, such as antimicrobial resistance, cardiometabolics, cancer immunotherapy, epigenetics, microbiome, neurodegeneration in neuroinflammation, rare diseases and sleep. 
  • Bridging Academia and Industry: This educational program aims to promote the translation of scientific breakthroughs into innovative health care solutions. Research faculty learn about the importance of academia⁠–⁠industry partnerships, the language that makes the dialogue effective and what it takes to bring an idea from the lab to clinical practice. 
  • Advancing Equity: Addressing structural inequity in research, we design programs that attract diverse communities and individuals, including community engagement programs and a summer research internship program for college and medical students.
  • Interim Support Funding: Donors can fill funding gaps that scientists encounter during a lapse or delay in research funding from the National Institutes of Health or another federal agency, ensuring lifesaving research continues without disruption.