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Corrigan Minehan Heart Center

An adaptive approach to expanding access to high-quality cardiovascular care. We are on the brink of a revolutionary new era in cardiovascular care — one that will allow patients anywhere to access expert care.

The Corrigan Minehan Heart Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is:

  • A champion of the multidisciplinary team approach to care, a critical component to effective treatment and recovery
  • Committed to integration of clinical research with patient care, ensuring the best treatment for each patient at the right time
  • A leader in identifying individuals at risk for heart disease and in developing cardiac devices and procedures to reduce that risk
  • Home to an organ transplant team that is a pioneer in expanding the pool of available organ donors, offering a second chance at life to those with no other options

Leveraging a new suite of digital tools, our expertise in telemedicine and our leadership in groundbreaking discoveries, we’ll lead the way in delivering coordinated, personalized, comprehensive cardiovascular care.

Doreen Defaria Yeh, Sawalla Guseh, MD

Imagine a future where ...

  • Providers develop a personalized plan for health that responds and adapts to an individual’s needs across their lifetime.
  • Most patients remain in the comfort of their home with communication and monitoring tools to ensure safe, stress-free of management and recovery from their disease.
  • A suite of tools allows us to predict and prevent most cardiovascular diseases — and, when that’s not possible, effective treatments lead to recovery.

With faculty and staff who bring unrivaled expertise in cardiovascular research and care, the Heart Center is well-positioned to bring this future to life.

By the Numbers

2022 was a record-breaking year at the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center.
Line drawing of a hospital building

1,996 Operating Room Cases

Not only is this a number that broke Heart Center records, it also represents a 9% increase over the prior year.

Line drawing of a heart

54 Heart Transplants

This is the highest number of transplants ever performed in one year in our history, and also the highest number in New England.

Line drawing of a stethoscope

73,944 Cardiology Office Visits

With approximately 1,420 office visits each week, this number saw an 11.5% increase over the prior year.

The Global Cardiology team’s visit to Haiti included Doreen DeFaria Yeh, MD, Oyere Onuma, MD, Carl Turissini, MD, and Njambi Mathenge, MD, MPH
Featured Story

Improving Women’s Heart Health in Haiti and Boston

Understanding high rates of heart failure in pregnant women informs the care of women with heart disease everywhere.

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We’re investing in …

Ami Bhatt, MD


We’ll provide Heart Center teams with the training and support they need to deliver the safest, most effective care in a rapidly evolving health care landscape.

  • Transforming our training programs: We’ll ensure every fellow, resident and faculty member is prepared to provide patients with the most up-to-date treatment options.
  • Offering multidisciplinary fellowship programs: Developing both a depth and breadth of knowledge will enable our fellows to meet the increasingly complex medical needs of those who seek care at the Heart Center.
  • Investing in nursing: Our nurses are a central pillar of our care teams and need advanced training so they’re equipped to lead the teams delivering coordinated, complex care.
Heart Research


We aim to provide our outstanding faculty and staff with the space and resources to revolutionize the delivery of cardiac care at Mass General and around the world.

  • New clinical care facility: We’re building a flagship facility to house all of the Heart Center’s teams, support the delivery of seamless care and foster collaborations, enhancing overall care quality.
  • Less invasive, more effective interventions: Our clinician-researchers are leading the development of devices and techniques — from catheter-based interventions to expanding the pool of donors for heart transplants — that will reduce the burden of disease.
  • Expanding patient navigation: By assisting and educating patients and their families in all aspects of care, from coordinating appointments to accessing community resources, we can make their journey a little easier.
  • Integrating digital tools: Continuous monitoring and easy access to telemedicine will reduce hospital stays, eliminate barriers to care and enable patients to recover safely in the comfort of their homes. These tools will also support the expansion of the Heart Center’s global footprint, as we set the gold standard for cardiac care around the world.
At work in Dr. Januzzi's laboratory


Over one-third of our physicians are also scientists who bring challenges uncovered in the clinic into the laboratory for investigation — and return to the patient with solutions. We’ll provide the support and resources they need to transform patient care.

  • Strengthening the Cardiovascular Research Center: We’ll support the work of our pioneering investigators to better understand how and why cardiovascular disease progresses at the molecular level.
  • Expanding clinical research efforts: Robust clinical research efforts directly benefit our patients by inviting them to access novel therapeutics. Support allows Heart Center problem-solvers to pursue novel treatments and interventions that will inform the new standards of care at Mass General and beyond.
  • Foster innovation: We’ll bring together brilliant cardiologists and engineers to draw on machine learning and innovative technologies to develop risk-prediction and decision-support tools that reduce the toll of heart disease.