The MGH Research Scholars Award Program puts charitable donations directly to work supporting the sort of cutting-edge research that is a Massachusetts General Hospital tradition. The award lets outstanding investigators to pursue big ideas with no certain outcome but huge potential to impact lives of patients worldwide.

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Read the latest stories about the medical research being conducted at Mass General to advance science, improve treatments, and save lives.


Learn about events of all kinds in the Mass General medical research community, from lectures about the latest breakthroughs, golf tournaments to support a lab, and galas to raise funds and celebrate achievements.

Continuing a Tradition of Discovery

Part of the nation’s largest hospital-based research effort, the MGH Research Scholars Program seeks to extend Mass General’s unparalleled history as the birthplace of groundbreaking medical discoveries.

How Do You Stop a Tumor?

Eston Research Scholar Andrea McClatchey, PhD, is pursuing a bold new strategy. Such researchers depend on supporters who are equally determined to change lives.