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We stand ready to revolutionize personalized medical care on all fronts, which will usher in earlier diagnoses, more precise prognoses and tailored therapies for every patient.

Our unwavering goal has always been excellence in service to patients — accurate diagnosis, communicated effectively and efficiently — and the highest standards in research and training.

David Louis, MD
David Louis, MD


Founded in 1896, the Department of Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital was one of the first of its kind nationally and continues to shape and advance the field today.

  • Our department includes more than 850 faculty members, medical trainees and employees, whose contributions span patient care, research and training.
  • We play a vital role in caring for almost all patients at Mass General, and many pathologists outside of our hospital also use our services.
  • Our clinical laboratory services provide medical teams with information that supports patient diagnosis and treatment. We typically process 1,000 clinical lab tests a day — a number that rose considerably after COVID-19 hit.
  • Thanks to our commitment to cutting-edge research, we were among the country’s first hospitals to gain approval for a laboratory-developed COVID-19 test and to produce a highly effective serology test that can identify coronavirus-fighting antibodies.

With our expertise and capacity for nimble innovation, Mass General Pathology stands ready to revolutionize personalized medical care to usher in earlier diagnoses, more precise prognoses and tailored therapies for every patient.

Researcher working in Pathology at Mass General

Imagine a future where …

  • Technologically advanced specialties like computational pathology and artificial intelligence (AI) launch a new era in highly individualized patient care.
  • Through aggressive surveillance methods, the next infectious disease outbreak is identified and contained before taking such a heavy human toll.
  • A continual pipeline of qualified technical talent enables the pathology field to sustain diagnostic laboratory services locally and nationally.

With your support, we’ll bring this future to life, keeping pace with the latest advances in pathology while remaining a leader in this crucial field.

SARS-CoV-2 cells as seen under an electron microscope. (Photo courtesy of NIAID)
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