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Lurie Center for Autism

We’re dedicated to helping patients with autism spectrum disorder and their families to lead their best possible lives.

The Lurie Center at Massachusetts General Hospital brings together comprehensive clinical care with cross-disciplinary research to develop personalized therapies for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  

  • Since 2009, we have led the way in establishing best practices for ASD treatment, from early childhood through adulthood.  
  • Every patient is evaluated and treated by a member of our clinical team in collaboration with educational and behavioral consultants, speech-language pathologists, and physical and occupational therapists. 
  • Our translational research program gives the center unprecedented opportunities to integrate basic neuroscience research with patient care.  
  • Our highly successful, multidisciplinary Aspire Program teaches valuable life skills to children, teens and adults with high cognitive ASD and related social profiles.  

With some of the most visionary minds in medicine focused on identifying the causes of ASD and developing improved treatment options, the Lurie Center will continue to shape the future of health care for those living with ASD.  

The Lurie Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Imagine a future where … 

  • We have a comprehensive scientific understanding of the underlying causes of ASD.  
  • Early diagnosis allows people with ASD to receive personalized interventions that alter their clinical course and help them better integrate into their community.  
  • Clinicians have access to the necessary training and tools to successfully diagnose and treat people with ASD.  

With our unrivaled experience and expertise in delivering clinical care and bold research breakthroughs, the Lurie Center is uniquely positioned to bring this future to life.

Aspire Works participant
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We’re investing in …  

The Aspire program at Mass General for Children helps children, teens and adults with high cognitive autism spectrum disorder develop the skills necessary to be successful in their communities and workplaces. In this video, participants describe the feelings of social isolation that can often come with being on the autism spectrum, and how Aspire helps them find belonging and connection.