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Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Our patient-focused team is passionate about advancing their field and developing new techniques to enhance patient outcomes.

The Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital provides expert care for patients at some of the most vulnerable and difficult moments of their lives.

Two centuries of dedication to excellence in research, education and patient care has helped make us the clinicians, educators and leaders we are today. Our department is the proud home of a number of innovations in the field, from the first use of ether as an anesthetic in 1846 to the creation of the first respiratory intensive care unit in 1961. Our rich critical care medicine pedigree, evident in our master intensivists, laid the groundwork for our team’s expert response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to an unmatched legacy, our department has the essential pieces to bring anesthesia, critical care and pain medicine into the future. With the help of philanthropy, we’ll develop tools and therapies that will be crucial to extending lives as well as improving quality of care and patient safety.

The Lunder Building at Mass General

Imagine a future where ...

  • We pioneer advances in drug delivery, virtual patient monitoring and pain management that will have an impact on the field for years to come.  
  • We develop new therapies that alleviate pain while reducing or eliminating the potential for addiction. 
  • We identify new tools and practices, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, that allow us to intervene more quickly and effectively, helping patients lead longer, healthier lives.  

The Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine is well-positioned to bring this future to life, improving care for patients at Mass General and far beyond. 

Patrick L. Purdon, PhD, with Emery Brown, MD, PhD
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