Artist Remy Stressenger's painting celebrates Mass General's Storybook Ball and features characters from popular children's stories.

MGHfCEach year the Storybook Ball raises money to support MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) and the evening’s festivities bring to life the spirit of a popular children’s story. A new mural in the recently renovated Pediatric Emergency Department celebrates the past 15 years of Storybook Ball.

Artist Remy Stressenger, a longtime Storybook Ball and hospital volunteer, says she created her mural to help relieve the stress of families as they wait for care.

The acrylic on canvas features characters and details from themes of the fundraising event, including The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter and Aladdin. The mother and businesswoman says it took her about eight weeks to complete the mural. She loves to paint and making a piece for Mass General was another way for her to give back to a hospital that has helped her family and community. “Mass General is such a wonderful place, the staff really feel like family,” says Remy. “It holds a special spot in my heart. I feel honored to have a piece of my artwork hanging there.”

“The mural contributes to the atmosphere we have created in our new space … It makes our patients smile and their time with us a little easier.”

Storybook Ball Impact

In January 2015, the renovated pediatric emergency department opened. It was funded in part by MGHfC’s Storybook Ball 2013 committee and each examination room was named through the generosity of donors.

Ari Cohen, MD, division chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at MGHfC, says the new space benefits patients and staff. “Now, families have a place separate from adult emergency care where they can wait and play. There are toys and iPads. When it’s time for the examination, the rooms also have features such as lights and paintings to distract children so their experience is as painless as possible. And staff have access to the latest medical equipment so they can provide the best care.”

The MGHfC healthcare providers work hard to help families have a good experience in the ED, says Ronald Kleinman, MD, physician-in-chief of MGHfC.

“Remy Stressenger’s mural contributes to the atmosphere we have created in our new space,” Dr. Kleinman says. “With her talent, she has brought Harry Potter and the yodeling goats from the Sound of Music into our emergency department. The mural makes our patients smile and their time with us a little easier.”

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