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The one hundred honoree: Peter J. Biggs, PhD

Innovation Story

The one hundred honoree: Peter J. Biggs, PhD

Mass General Giving

Peter Biggs, PhD, a physicist in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Mass General, is a leading member of the medical physics community, with years of experience developing and using cutting-edge radiation treatments and devices. Passionate about creating the safest and most effective radiation services, he and his team play a key role in the care of cancer patients.

Dr. Biggs’ leadership in creating the new Harvard Medical Physics Residency Program will ensure that well-trained graduates can follow in his footsteps and provide the best treatments for all patients. With education as a key pillar of the Mass General mission, Dr. Biggs’ efforts create a career path and intensive training opportunities for students. In just five years, the program has become one of the leading residency programs in the nation. Imbuing graduates with his passion for safe, effective and accurate treatments, while imparting knowledge on topics including protective shielding for medical radiation devices, Dr. Biggs is poised to leave an enduring legacy on the radiation oncology field for generations to come.