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We’ve updated our web site and made some changes. The page you are looking for has moved or may no longer exist.

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Our vibrant fundraising community is supporting Mass General’s life-saving work by organizing events, running races and setting up online campaigns and memorials. Find a fundraiser dedicated to your cause and make a difference.

Are you feeling inspired? If you haven’t been actively fundraising, now is the perfect time to renew a campaign for Mass General. Click here to get started.

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The fundraising web site you previously used is no longer available. Please continue your fundraising legacy by starting a campaign on our new platform!

The Mass General Community Fundraising Team is here to help with this process. In addition to our fundraising toolkit, we can provide a comprehensive guide to help plan, manage and execute a successful fundraiser.

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You can create an online fundraising campaign to support whatever your cause is at Mass General. Create a fundraising page in just 5 minutes. Sign up now.

If you are interested in organizing an event or large scale fundraiser, please contact our team using the form on this page to discuss your ideas or to get advice about making your fundraiser a success. We’re also available by email at mghcommunityfundraising@partners.org and phone at 617.726.2200. We look forward to helping you reach your fundraising goals.

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