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Global Health

We’re driven to transform global health care, guided by the belief that everyone, everywhere, has a right to good health.

With health equity as our cornerstone, Mass General continues to redefine an academic medical center’s role in the local and global communities. This work includes deep collaborations across cities and time zones that seek to transform social determinants of health, gun violence, structural racism, policy, systems and other complex issues that prevent people everywhere from attaining good health and well-being. 

  • Our Center for Global Health is a hub of expertise and support across more than 70 programs, initiatives and deployments in vulnerable communities nationally and internationally.  
  • We partner with local residents and health care professionals to care for patients, help develop effective strategies for ongoing care, and conduct research to discover and test new approaches.   
  • We unite experts across fields and cultures and promote a cooperative exchange of perspectives, ideas and innovations that improve health. 

Mass General stands on a legacy of extraordinary health care research, innovation and impact. This gives us the opportunity — and responsibility — to work with historically disadvantaged communities to address health and health equity issues worldwide. Now is the time to strengthen our efforts to eliminate health disparities and create long-term solutions to health care challenges. 

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Imagine a future where ...

  • Diverse, equitable partnerships serve as the springboard for transformative global health solutions. 
  • Talented professionals are inspired and prepared to become leaders in the field of global health. 
  • The global nursing shortage is addressed, thus helping to enhance population health outcomes.  
  • Strong interdisciplinary research and innovation revolutionize patient care, health systems and policy internationally.  
  • Communities disproportionately affected by disasters and humanitarian crises benefit from specialized care and sustained health advocacy. 

With our unique ability to address global health from the research bench to the patient bedside, Mass General is well-positioned to realize this future and advance care around the globe.

Lindsey Martin, NP, (left) pictured during a recent visit to a migrant clinic in Reynosa, Mexico.
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