For nearly 200 years, Massachusetts General Hospital’s accomplishments in life-saving patient care, cutting-edge medical research and superb caregiver education have been nurtured by the legacy of its committed donors.

Your tax-deductible gift to Mass General will help fund programs that give patients access to the latest advanced technologies, clinical trials and promising treatments. There are a variety of ways to make a gift:

Donate an Outright Gift of Cash or Securities

Making an outright gift to Mass General allows your donation to be put directly to use in the prevention and treatment of diseases. A gift of cash is the most common and convenient method of donating to the hospital.

A gift of appreciated securities is another popular way to support the hospital, and it may provide you significant tax benefits. To learn more about gifts of appreciated securities, please contact us.

Give in Honor or in Memory of a Family Member, Caregiver or Friend

A gift to Mass General is a meaningful and enduring gesture to remember a loved one, honor a friend or family member or thank an outstanding caregiver.

You can make such a donation online using a credit card or by sending in a check. With either method, please list the name of the person being remembered, honored or thanked. Gifts can be mailed to:

Massachusetts General Hospital
Development Office
125 Nashua Street, Suite 540
Boston, MA 02114

Give Through Your Donor-advised Fund (DAF)

A donor-advised fund is a type of giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support your favorite charities. A donor-advised fund is a flexible, strategic giving vehicle available to any donor who is able to meet the minimum initial contribution requirement (sometimes as little as $5,000).

How does it work?

  1. Establish a DAF by making an irrevocable, tax deductible donation to a public charity with a DAF program.
  2. Advise the investment allocation of the donated assets (any investment growth is tax-free)
  3. Recommend grants to qualified public charities of your choice—like Mass General.
  4. Start the giving process online for your DAF at Fidelity or Schwab or contact your DAF vendor.

Endowed Funds, Planned Giving Opportunities and Bequests

Creating an endowed fund or making a planned gift forges a permanent bond between yourself and Mass General.

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds are carefully managed for growth, and will help the hospital in perpetuity. Endowed funds may also serve as distinguished tributes to loved ones by bearing their names. A minimum of $100,000 is required to establish an endowed fund. Please contact us to learn more.

Planned Giving Opportunities and Bequests

Donors often choose to make a contribution in the form of gifts that provide them and/or their beneficiary income for life. These arrangements can provide donors significant tax benefits. This invaluable support builds a foundation of hope for Mass General patients — those who come to the hospital in search of exemplary care today and those who will come in the future. Learn more about planned gifts to Mass General, or contact us.

Leverage Matching Gifts From Your Workplace

Many companies match charitable gifts made by their employees, retirees and directors. Click here to look up your company’s policy. Please consult your company’s human resources department to learn more about how your workplace matches charitable contributions to hospitals, and how you might be able to increase the value of your individual donation in this way. If you have additional questions, please contact us.