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The one hundred honoree: Yariv Kafri

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Yariv Kafri

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For Yariv Kafri—runnner, yogi, surfer, skier, soccer player, and competitor in over 30 Olympic and Ironman triathlons—getting cancer was not in the plan. Once he had it, giving into it wasn’t either.

Ten days after undergoing surgery for brain cancer, he was off—with his doctor’s okay—on a 30-mile bike ride along Long Island Sound. Yariv felt exhilarated by the bike ride, and he resolved to remain active—right through his chemotherapy. As Yariv’s recovery progressed, he found his high level of physical activity not only a boon to his own health, but an inspiration to others living with cancer. So, he decided to take it one step further.

In 2014, Yariv established Supportersize, a nonprofit organization that organizes outdoor events and physical activities for people living with cancer and their families and friends. Supportersize’s mission is to spread strength, hope and joy in spite of cancer. The organization’s monthly events range from sports challenges for the superfit to short hikes for beginner athletes.

“Yariv has created a place for anyone who had or has cancer to get out there and remember what they are fighting for,” says Jody Lichenstein, a kidney cancer survivor and first-time Supportersize hiker. “There are many things I’ll think I can’t do with my kids, but to see other survivors out there, so strong and fit, was and is truly inspiring.”