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The one hundred honoree: Whitfield B. Growdon, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Whitfield B. Growdon, MD

Mass General Giving

Whitfield Growdon, MD, a surgical oncologist in the Mass General Cancer Center, uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques, including minimally invasive and robotic surgery, to treat patients with cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer. He also develops and conducts clinical research studies to give all of his patients the best chance of survival.

His skill, knowledge and expertise are surpassed only by his thoughtful concern for his patients’ well-being. Ovarian cancer survivor Sherry Brendel, who credits Dr. Growdon for her recovery from the disease, says, “My journey has been a harrowing one, visiting three different cancer institutions before finally getting to Mass General. Dr. Growdon is a truly caring doctor and individual. He is a person who will answer an email or make a phone call at lightning speed to ease a patient’s fear.”

Pete Teeson’s wife, Cherise, ultimately lost her four-year battle with uterine cancer, but he recalls, “As this terrible disease made its aggressive advances on Cherise, Dr. Growdon was many, many steps ahead of it with other means of treatment.”

Pete adds that Dr. Growdon keeps each patient’s personal priorities foremost in his mind every step of the way.

“In our first appointment, Dr. Growdon asked Cherise what was the most important thing to her,” Pete says. “‘Quality of life’ was her answer. Over the next four-plus years he never forgot that for one moment, always putting that in the forefront. Without a doubt in my mind, he provided that and then some for Cherise.”