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The one hundred honoree: Susan T. Gershman, MPH, PhD, CTR

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The one hundred honoree: Susan T. Gershman, MPH, PhD, CTR

Mass General Giving

Susan Gershman, MPH, PhD, CTR, is the director of the Massachusetts Cancer Registry, which tracks the impact of cancer on residents. Each year, Dr. Gershman and her team at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health collect information on all newly diagnosed cases of cancer in the state. This data enables public health officials to monitor the effects of environmental and occupational hazards and guides the design and evaluation of cancer prevention and control programs.

The integrity and accuracy of Dr. Gershman’s data are invaluable to stakeholders in all sectors, from hospitals and research institutions to the American Cancer Society.

The president of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries from 2007 to 2009, Dr. Gershman is renowned for her expertise.

“Dr. Gershman is a behind-the-scenes hero in the fight against cancer,” says Mark Baptiste, PhD, formerly director of the Bureau of Cancer Epidemiology in the New York Department of Public Health. “Sought after by her peers as an advisor and speaker, she quietly and ardently does crucial work to advance public health.”