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The one hundred honoree: Steve  Beauville

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Steve Beauville

Mass General Giving

As an operations associate in the inpatient unit of the Mass General Cancer Center for five years, Steve Beauville gave his all to bring patients the warmth and comforts of home. Steve served his unit with great skill, exuberance and a magnetic smile. In November 2012, when Steve lost his life in a motorcycle accident at age 30, his patients and colleagues were bereft. Yet they also celebrate his legacy of joy.

“Steve personified the patient-centered care we all aspire to here,” says Cesar Castro, MD. “He was extremely personable, intelligent and dedicated and his unwavering radiance was infectious. Everyone seemed to glow around Steve, who along with his superb professionalism instilled in us a sense of family.”

“Amid the stress and occasional sadness of inpatient oncology,” adds Jeremy Abramson, MD, “Steve heartened every patient and caregiver in his presence. He was a beacon of happiness and hope here, and we sorely miss him.”

Inspired by his mother, Maggy Mesamour, a patient care assistant on another floor at Mass General, Steve made things easier for all during his evening shift. He developed warm relationships with patients within minutes. He ran his unit’s reception desk, answered phone calls and call lights, and in emergencies, summoned and directed the code team to the patient. He also ordered meals, made up charts, fixed computer snags, and deftly set up patients’ digital paraphernalia. And as the unit’s disc jockey, his fervent goal was to get everyone to dance, even from a chair or bed.

“Steve was beloved by his colleagues and patients alike,” says Gerald Browne, RN. “He had a great talent for solving problems and he was the epitome of grace under pressure. Steve leaves both a void and a legacy. We will forever remember him as our hero.”