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The one hundred honoree: Philip C. Amrein, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Philip C. Amrein, MD

Mass General Giving

Philip Amrein, MD, applies his formidable clinical skills and research acumen to improving the lives of patients with leukemia at the Mass General Cancer Center. A tireless advocate for his patients’ needs, he earns their trust with his kind and caring manner.

Dr. Amrein painstakingly pursues all options for patients, leading numerous clinical trials for both acute and chronic leukemia therapies and exploring new treatment approaches. With colleagues, he generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, always taking the time to answer questions and pause for a teaching moment.

His patients particularly praise his skillful touch with painful procedures, such as bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures, and his thorough assessment of their needs and care. Dr. Amrein treats many critically ill older patients who appreciate his support in achieving their care goals.

“Dr. Amrein looks at the individual as a whole, not just by the numbers,” says nominator Kristin McGregor, MD. “I have seen him take novel approaches to treating leukemia patients, especially the elderly, allowing them to have more holidays to spend with their partners, more birthdays to celebrate with their grandchildren, and simply more life to live. I hope I can have even a fraction of this impact as I move forward in my career.”