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The one hundred honoree: Paula K. Rauch, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Paula K. Rauch, MD

Mass General Giving

When her husband had cancer, says Astrid Muller, “Dr. Paula helped us figure out what to tell our 10 year old. I was never alone. She was a phone call away.”

Paula K. Rauch, MD, is the founding director of Mass General’s Marjorie E. Korff Parenting At a Challenging Time (PACT) Program. An author, educator and revered clinician, Dr. Rauch guides families and professionals in helping children cope with a parent’s cancer.

“Paula gave us the tools to communicate with our little ones and make memorable times together,” says Patricia P. Claudy. “Later, when I had to tell them that their father had died, she was there, and supported us long after.”

Gayle Snider’s diagnosis of breast cancer terrified her 5 year old. “Dr. Rauch helped us,” Gayle says, “and years later, she guided me as I went through a double mastectomy. She helped save my life.”

Toni and Michael Hurton are also grateful to Dr. Rauch. “When I was diagnosed with cancer,” says Toni, “she helped us relieve our children’s fears every step of the way.”