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The one hundred honoree: Nicholas Jessop

Innovation Story

The one hundred honoree: Nicholas Jessop

Mass General Giving

Nicholas Jessop has helped develop a consistent and high-quality process for the molecular analyses of tumor tissues, circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA at the Mass General Cancer Center.

As senior clinical laboratory assistant, Nicholas brings to bear an advanced level of coordination and oversight to the center’s high-volume pathology department. His strong leadership ensures each step in the critical molecular analysis process—from sample acquisition to the generation of reports to clinicians and investigators—is executed meticulously. Under his direction, staff receive the training necessary to meet rigorous performance requirements.

Conscientious and energetic, Nicholas proactively seeks out information critical to the accurate determination of the molecular characteristics of the specific tumors under investigation. His flexibility, calm demeanor and natural assurance equip him to expertly handle rapid developments in clinical trials and interact well with a range of investigators.

“Without doubt, Nick has been pivotal in improving the processes by which samples are obtained from cancer patients and molecularly analyzed,” says Jeffrey Clark, MD, director of Clinical Trials Support. “He is a positive and forthright individual whose personal attributes are exemplary. Nick holds himself and others to the highest level of integrity and performance. He is highly respected by his peers within Mass General. His biggest impact is on the lives of patients participating in clinical trials based on these results and those who will benefit from improvements in cancer therapy because of them.”