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The one hundred honoree: Margaret B. Pulsifer, PhD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Margaret B. Pulsifer, PhD

Mass General Giving

In an era when healthcare costs and scheduling can often impede patients from receiving the evaluation they desperately need to get proper treatment, clinicians like Margaret Pulsifer, PhD, are beacons of hope.

A leader in the field of neuropsychology at MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Dr. Pulsifer focuses her clinical and research efforts on some of Mass General’s youngest oncology patients. She is a neuropsychologist at the Psychology Assessment Center, where she conducts evaluations to assess cognitive, academic and behavioral functioning and long-term progress in children and young adults diagnosed with brain tumors or leukemia. Throughout her many years of service, she has become well-known for evaluating patients on very short notice. With stress levels and anxiety skyrocketing during diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Pulsifer’s caring manner and focus on providing critical information about possible treatment outcomes and appropriate interventions helps both children and their parents to think positively.

Dr. Pulsifer’s active research focuses on the unique effects of cancer and radiation on a young population. For over a decade, she has been examining the long-term neurocognitive and behavioral effects of proton radiation therapy on children and young adults. She has presented findings from her research to parents and at professional meetings and has co-authored several articles on her research.