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The one hundred honoree: Lisette A. Packer, RN, BSN

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Lisette A. Packer, RN, BSN

Mass General Giving

Lisette Packer, RN, BSN, provides extraordinary care to the patients in Phillips House 21, one of Mass General’s inpatient chemotherapy units. She is also a valued colleague and cherished friend to the other nurses on the floor, where she has served for many years.

Lisette is tireless about ensuring her patients’ well-being. Guiding one young man through his difficult journey with lymphoma, she helped him understand his treatment, speaking to him in Spanish, his only language. Knowing that he was alone in the United States except for the friend he was staying with, Lisette encouraged him to call her at home for advice on managing side effects. One time, he called to say that he hadn’t been able to swallow for days. Lisette immediately arranged his hospital admission for severe mucositis.

Patients undergoing extensive chemotherapy have complex needs. Lisette stands by her vulnerable patients as she would a family member, with clinical expertise, devotion and joy.