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The one hundred honoree: Lance Armstrong Foundation

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The one hundred honoree: Lance Armstrong Foundation

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Lance Armstrong has used his international renown as both an athlete and cancer survivor to support cancer research and clinical care. He made history as the only cyclist to win the grueling Tour de France seven times in a row. Now, he wants to change the history of cancer by galvanizing a global campaign that attacks the disease as a worldwide health catastrophe.

In 2009, the Lance Armstrong Foundation laid the ground-work for this campaign by hosting the first LIVESTRONG® Global Cancer Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The three-day event convened more than 500 healthcare practitioners, philanthropists, advocates and policy makers from 51 countries.

Participants confronted the global dimensions of cancer during the summit, which had commissioned the first report to quantify cancer’s global economic impacts and the vast disparities in treatment between developing nations and their wealthier neighbors.

Lance Armstrong’s foundation will promote new collaborative ventures to advance prevention, early detection and treatment worldwide and focus global resources on cancer, the leading cause of death worldwide.