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The one hundred honoree: Janel Jorgensen

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Janel Jorgensen

Mass General Giving

From San Francisco Bay to the Boston Harbor Islands, swimmers of all abilities are joining Janel Jorgensen in raising funds and public support for cancer research, early detection and treatment.

An Olympic silver medalist in swimming, Janel brings skills honed by competing at the highest level of sport to leading Swim Across America, Inc. Since becoming its executive director in October 2005, Janel worked with her board of directors to inspire thousands of volunteers to conduct swimming events that raise millions of dollars for cancer care and research.

Janel and her team have also greatly expanded participation of all kinds. A charismatic speaker, Janel has increased sponsorships by corporations and other institutions through her speaking engagements. At the same time, she helps local groups organize their programs and creatively mines new partners, from college swim teams to community pools and beach clubs.