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The one hundred honoree: Jacquelyn Crane

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Jacquelyn Crane

Mass General Giving

Since middle school, Jacquelyn Crane wanted to be a pediatric oncologist. Now, at 25, she is in her second year of medical school at Tufts University and is on her way to achieving her goal.

Jacquelyn has a passionate commitment to ease the suffering of children with cancer and their families. In high school and during school breaks in college she volunteered at Camp Sunshine, a retreat in Maine for families with a child suffering from cancer. She was an active volunteer at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Cancer Center. Now, as a medical student, she volunteers countless hours at the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston. Here she formed a special bond with KerriAnne Lugelle, a young girl with cancer. Jacquelyn visited KerriAnne often, comforting her in her time of need. While devastated by KerriAnne’s passing last summer, it pushed Jacquelyn to work even harder in medical school and to give back to the cancer community.

Jacquelyn is caring, empathetic and dedicated. She also is a scholar who has published several academic medical papers, including one on the relationship between spirituality and cancer.