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In Good Hands: A Patient’s Perspective

Donor Story

In Good Hands: A Patient’s Perspective

A Mass General patient for more than 50 years, Nathalie Binney shows her gratitude through her philanthropy.

Paul Goldsmith
March 13, 2023

Massachusetts General Hospital made a strong impression on Nathalie Binney, beginning with her first visit to the old Vincent Memorial Hospital — where the Warren Building stands today. “We parked the car right in front, before there was a parking garage,” she says. Inside the imposing brick building, Nathalie and her mother met with Ann Brace Barnes, MD — a pioneering OB/GYN and first female surgical intern trained at Mass General — who immediately put mother and daughter at ease. “Right away, we knew we were in good hands. That was my entrée to Mass General.”

From that day on, whenever Nathalie found herself in need of medical care, she turned to Mass General. “And every time, the care I received was incredible,” she says. “The hospitality, the preparation and follow through, the network you accessed as a patient, it was all impressive. But it’s the people I remember most.” In fact, Nathalie can easily rattle off the names of almost every one of her Mass General caregivers over the last 50 years. “They took a personal interest in my care. They were accessible and responsive to questions. They asked for feedback and listened. And so, I remember them. I feel like I’m part of the community here.”

Nathalie’s strong sense of connection to Mass General was reaffirmed in 2020, when she was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being struck by a car near her home in Salem, Massachusetts. “When you’re young, you never expect to need certain kinds of care — but there are things in life you never expect,” she says. “Mass General saved my life, and I’m grateful.”

That gratitude is at the heart of Nathalie’s philanthropy. In addition to supporting some of her caregivers individually, she is also an annual contributor to the MGH Fund — the hospital’s main source of flexible funding. The MGH Fund, which is used at the discretion of Mass General President David F. M. Brown, MD, supports the areas of greatest need across the hospital during times of crisis, and over the long term.

Nathalie has also left a provision in her will to support the MGH Fund, making her a member of the Phillips Society. The Phillips Society honors those who name the hospital as a beneficiary of a will, retirement plan, donor-advised fund or life insurance policy; establish a charitable gift annuity or trust; or create an endowed fund. These visionary donors are carrying on a tradition of philanthropy that supports exceptional care along with pioneering research and medical education programs.

“The team at Mass General has earned my trust and loyalty,” she says. “I know they’re going to spend my money where it’s going to have the most impact.”

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