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The one hundred honoree: Erin Sullivan, NP

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Erin Sullivan, NP

Mass General Giving

Erin Sullivan, NP, has translated her exemplary support of breast cancer patients into practical, effective handouts that help patients prepare for surgery.

One of a group of nurse practitioners that provide support for the surgical oncologists at the Center for Breast Cancer at the Mass General Cancer Center, Erin guides patients from their initial diagnosis through their surgical care.

“Erin worked with our perioperative team to develop patient information sheets to help patients anticipate their needs and the complications that may arise around the time of surgery,” says Michelle Specht, MD, a surgical oncologist at the Center for Breast Cancer and Erin’s suprvisor. “She is a team player who is always willing to cover another colleague or see another patient.

“Erin has detected many new breast cancers due to her diligent nature and spends many hours on the phone with patients calming their fears. Routinely, my patients laud Erin for her professional and compassionate nature.”

Erin’s colleague, Katie Williams, underscores Erin’s attentiveness to patients as they learn they have breast cancer: “Breast cancer is an extremely emotional diagnosis,” Katie says. “Erin is always there to answer a question, hold a hand, pass the tissues, give a hug or just listen to any patient when they are in need.”