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The one hundred honoree: Erica Greenberg

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Erica Greenberg

Mass General Giving

Three years ago, Erica Greenberg was inspired by an article in her hometown newspaper about Hope in Bloom, a local nonprofit that plants gardens free of charge at the homes of patients with breast cancer.

A few months later, as a high school freshman, Erica recruited other students to join her in starting a photography club. The teenagers would raise funds for Hope in Bloom by creating and selling photographic note cards. She presented a formal proposal, including sample cards, to the school’s review board and obtained its approval.

Today, 33 students are members, including many first-time photographers motivated by Erica’s invitation to bring joy to people going through a difficult time. Erica and her club have raised $8,000 for Hope in Bloom. With characteristic foresight and heart, Erica, now a college-bound senior, has groomed a freshman to lead the club.

“Putting her talents to work, Erica is making the world a better place,” says Roberta Dehman Hershon, the founder of Hope in Bloom. “Erica is a shining example of how one teenager can make an impact.”