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The one hundred honoree: Edwin  K. Lamport

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Edwin K. Lamport

Mass General Giving

Edwin (Ed) Lamport’s loved ones regarded him as extraordinary long before he faced a diagnosis of stage IV glioblastoma in the fall of 2009. Though his prognosis was only six to nine months, Ed waged a three-year battle against his cancer, marshaling the abundant courage, optimism and love he always brought to life.

Before his diagnosis, in an important rite of passage, Ed and his future son-in-law took on the challenge of hiking Mount Washington. Despite punishing weather, they completed the hike and cherished the memory. Two months later, when Ed was diagnosed, he brought the same tenacity and spirit to a far greater challenge.

“When I was little, I thought my dad was a hero for laughing at my silly jokes and checking for monsters under my bed,” writes Holly MacAskill. “Then cancer entered our lives and I knew he was a hero. My dad promised me he would be at my wedding; ten months and various treatments later my dad walked me down the aisle. A year later, my brother Christopher graduated from college and started graduate school, having been inspired by our father’s accomplishments.” Holly’s mother was often fond of saying: “two great kids, one proud dad.”

While coping with his grave prognosis, Ed took part in numerous support groups to give hope to others and make a difference. This same desire to help others led to his decision to donate his brain to the Massachusetts General Hospital Brain Research Center. Since Ed had a rare combination of tumors, his doctors believe that his donation will be instrumental in determining factors and treatment options for other brain cancer patients. With this selfless donation, Ed continues to be a part of the fight against cancer.