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The one hundred honoree: David P. Ryan, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: David P. Ryan, MD

Mass General Giving

While leading a renowned specialized oncology group at Mass General, Dr. David Ryan (second from right) is a compassionate and skilled physician who is revered by his patients.

“My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died three months later,” says one patient’s wife. “Dr. Ryan was honest with us in a way that reassured us. Always within reach, he helped my husband find the courage to persevere as normally as possible until the very end. A year later, our daughter chose to forgo favors at her wedding and instead contributed to Dr. Ryan’s pancreatic research.”

The wife of another patient says, “Five years ago, my husband was diagnosed with stage III pancreatic cancer. Under the care of a wonderful team led by Dr. Ryan, my husband still enjoys his life and loved ones. Although his cancer has metastasized into his liver, Dr. Ryan gives us courage and if one thing doesn’t work, he tries another. We know that Dr. Ryan will do all in his power to extend my husband’s quality of life as long as possible.”