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The one hundred honoree: Daniel P. Doody, MD, and Daniel P. Ryan, MD

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The one hundred honoree: Daniel P. Doody, MD, and Daniel P. Ryan, MD

Mass General Giving

As a parent, hearing the word “cancer” associated with your child’s diagnosis is inconceivable. You don’t know what the future holds for your child—and you don’t know what to expect yourself. But in the very capable hands of Daniel Doody, MD, and Daniel Ryan, MD, countless families have experienced exceptional care at MassGeneral Hospital for Children that has brought out the best in a seemingly impossible situation.

Dr. Doody and Dr. Ryan, knows as “The Dans,” started at Mass General on the very same day. With tenures longer than the other pediatric surgeons at the hospital, they have impacted hundreds of lives. They understand children, how resilient they are, and how a young mind will view the world. Above all, they treat every patient with the same care that a parent would give to his or her own child. Whether it’s removing a tumor, or carefully creating an incision so that a scar won’t show at prom time, they give parents hope and confidence in their child’s future by keeping every important detail in mind.

In the words of a colleague, “Parents and families put their utmost confidence and trust in Dr. Ryan and Dr. Doody to care for their child’s life when they are at their most vulnerable. Their surgical skill has contributed to the wonderful successes we have had in curing children with cancer.”