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The one hundred honoree: Cowgirls vs. Cancer

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The one hundred honoree: Cowgirls vs. Cancer

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Cowgirls vs. Cancer is a one-of-a-kind retreat designed to provide solace, rejuvenation and healing for women battling breast cancer.

Margaret Burns Vap and Big Sky Yoga Retreats hold a number of different yoga retreats each year. At one particular retreat, Margaret had two breast cancer survivors in attendance. When she saw how the women bonded and how much it meant to them to share the experience, she came up with the idea for Cowgirls vs. Cancer.

Every year, 10-12 women come together to take care of horses, enjoy a little pampering, eat delicious food and above all, connect and empower each other through sharing their journey. Knowing these survivors are all too familiar with the physical, emotional and financial toll of breast cancer, Margaret helps them experience holistic healing through yoga and horseback riding in the wilds of Montana.

Carlene Benelli attended one of these retreats. “Margaret is an amazing soul who created something completely out of recognition for the bond that occurs between two people going through a similar life crisis. She creates a beautiful, inspiring, loving safe space and the magic happens all on its own.”

Kristen Diane Hofheimer had an equally moving experience. “Everything about the Cowgirls vs. Cancer experience was very personal, authentic and well-executed. Margaret had a personal connection with each attendee and really went out of her way to make this experience special for us. She also watched and encouraged the cowgirls’ bonding with one another. I believe the retreat has been life changing for the attendees.”