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The one hundred honoree: Belinda and Henri Termeer

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Belinda and Henri Termeer

Mass General Giving

Henri and Belinda Termeer are, in a word, visionary. In 2011, they made a transformative gift to establish the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at the Mass General Cancer Center. The Termeer Center is a truly unique and innovative facility, enabling director Keith Flaherty, MD, and his team to advance groundbreaking research and deliver promising new targeted cancer therapies to patients through early phase clinical trials.

Dr. Flaherty shares, “With the establishment of the Termeer Center, we have been offered the invaluable opportunity to conduct research and deliver our discoveries to our patients by enrolling them in the relevant clinical trials matched to their individual cancer at the earliest possible time, all in one central location.

New cancer mutations are constantly being discovered, new drugs being developed to match those alterations and new cancer patients are constantly being diagnosed. It is essential that our clinician researchers have access to the resources they need to keep up with these discoveries and translate their findings to patient care. This center also provides us with the opportunity to learn in as rapid a way as possible how cancers attempt to circumvent these treatments so that we can devise therapeutic regimens that will overcome and, eventually, prevent the emergence of therapeutic resistance.”

Former chairman, president and CEO of Genzyme Corporation, Henri has long dedicated himself to improving global health by addressing some of the world’s most complex and devastating diseases, and Belinda shares this passion. Through their visionary gift to establish the Termeer Center, Henri and Belinda are helping to advance cancer research that will impact patients around the world.

In addition to their generous philanthropy, Henri and Belinda also offer their valuable time and guidance, serving on multiple boards at Mass General and other organizations. The Termeers also served as co-chairs of the one hundred in 2012.