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The one hundred honoree: Arielle Densen

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Arielle Densen

Mass General Giving

When Arielle Densen’s mother, Barbara, was diagnosed with lung cancer, Arielle not only became a cancer caregiver, but a fierce and tireless lung cancer advocate. Arielle is co-founder of Leaders of the Lung Cancer Free World, an organization dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding of lung cancer.

Formed to “drag lung cancer out of the shadows and focus public attention on this cruel and unrelenting killer that affects smokers and nonsmokers alike,” Leaders of the Lung Cancer Free World strives to elevate lung cancer to an issue of urgent national concern, in the process focusing attention on destigmatization, early diagnosis and the need for more effective treatment.

Arielle also helped to create a fund, Targeting A Cure for Lung Cancer, that raises money to support targeted therapies research — an area that has shown so much promise for lung cancer patients — at the Mass General Cancer Center.

Barbara Densen passed away in 2013, but Arielle continues to honor her legacy using her conviction, leadership and voice to create brighter futures for more lung cancer patients and their families.