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A Legacy Leaves an Impact in Psychiatry

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A Legacy Leaves an Impact in Psychiatry

Mass General’s Department of Psychiatry appoints two new endowed Chairs, spurring advances in child and adult psychiatric care and research.

Mass General Giving
November 8, 2023

Two physician-researchers from the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital have been named incumbent endowed chairs in psychiatry and child psychiatry, thanks to the generous support of the estate of the late Joanne V. Rovee. The planned gift that Mrs. Rovee and her husband, the late David T. Rovee, PhD, arranged to support these programs reflects their vision and foresight.

An endowed chair at Mass General is one of the highest honors the hospital can bestow on a faculty member. Endowed chairs recognize the outstanding contributions a physician-researcher has made to our patients as well as to advances in the science of medicine and to the preparation of the next generation of medical leaders.

“Dr. and Mrs. Rovee were champions of mental health,” said Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Maurizio Fava, MD. “Through this gift, their legacy will live on, making a lasting impact on the field of child and adult psychiatric research and patient care for generations to come.”

Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD, has been named the incumbent David T. Rovee, PhD and Joanne V. Rovee Chair in Psychiatry. She is a clinical psychologist and the founding director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Interdisciplinary Research (CHOIR) within the Department of Psychiatry at Mass General. She is the director of the Lifespan Health Internship in Clinical Psychology and an Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School.

Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD
Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD

Dr. Vranceanu has expertise in the development, testing and implementation of equitable mind-body and lifestyle interventions for patients, caregivers and patient-caregiver dyads. She believes that the most effective way to reduce the burden of illness is by breaking down the silos that exist among disciplines and incorporating the voices of patients and caregivers within intervention development.

“This is an incredible honor and a true privilege,” said Dr. Vranceanu. “I am grateful to the late Dr. and Mrs. Rovee for their generous support of my research as I seek to enhance the health, well-being and equity of individuals across the lifespan and on the continuum from health to illness.”

Gagan Joshi, MD, is the incumbent David T. Rovee, PhD and Joanne V. Rovee Chair in Child Psychiatry. He is the director of the Bressler Program for Autism Spectrum Disorder at Mass General.

Dr. Joshi’s clinical and research interest is in autism spectrum disorder, with a particular focus on frequently associated psychiatric conditions. In addition to managing the Bressler Program and providing clinical care for individuals of all ages with autism, Dr. Joshi is facilitating translational clinical research in autism, aiming to better understand clinical presentations and related brain abnormalities. His research is specifically centered on identifying biomarkers that have the potential to guide targeted treatments for autism.

Gagan Joshi, MD
Gagan Joshi, MD

“I am honored to be named the incumbent Rovee Chair in Child Psychiatry,” said Dr. Joshi. “Identifying biomarkers for autism that aid early diagnosis and proper treatment can profoundly impact the lives of children and their families who face the challenges of autism every day. To have the funding to support my research is a great honor.”

“I’m excited to honor the past accomplishments of our esteemed faculty and to provide a new source of funding for them into the future,” said Dr. Fava. “I know our incumbent chairs will live up to the belief David and Joanne shared of the importance of continued psychiatric research, proper diagnosis, evidence-based treatment and compassionate care for all.”

The Rovee estate also provided funding to establish the David T. Rovee, PhD and Joanne V. Rovee Fund, which is a flexible source of revenue to support psychiatry faculty who are working to advance clinical care, research and education. This new fund will provide vital resources, such as recruitment and retention of world class psychiatry faculty; appointments to Mass General chairs, scholars or HMS professorships; and research awards within the Department of Psychiatry.

“Dr. and Mrs. Rovee have become part of the permanent fabric of Mass General, while providing our most gifted and prolific faculty and staff with a reservoir of support for their exceptional work,” states Dr. Fava. “I am confident that Drs. Vranceanu and Joshi will honor the wishes of David and Joanne and their commitment to mental health well-being, research and care.”

To learn more about the Department of Psychiatry, please contact us. To learn more about creative, flexible and tax advantageous gifts with impact at Mass General, please contact the Office of Planned Giving.