Planning for MGH’s Future

For more than 30 years, the Warshaws have given to Mass General because of their personal and professional ties. More recently, they have included a bequest in their will to help MGH advance medical care in years to come.
Planned giving
Dr and Mrs Warshaw

Andrew L. Warshaw, MD, and his wife, Brenda, found their careers and each other at Massachusetts General Hospital. She came in the 1970s, joining a surgical nursing team; he came on rotations as a student at Harvard Medical School.

“I rotated here, and it put stars in my eyes,” recalls Dr. Warshaw, who served as surgeon-in-chief at Mass General for nearly 14 years. “When I decided to be a surgeon, I felt that there was no choice to be made; Mass General had the best program in the country, and I wanted to be here.”

Mrs. Warshaw had known the hospital by reputation as well. Soon after coming to MGH, she knew “it was a special place to work, and I knew that this is where I should be,” she recalls. “Mass General has been an absolutely essential part of our lives. We built careers here. We receive our care here. And nine of our 13 grandchildren were born on this campus.”

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Mrs. Warshaw describes their philanthropy as “a way to give back.” Her husband calls it a method to help MGH advance its mission, because, he says, “there is always more to be done here, but never enough resources.”

The Warshaws have also made a bequest to MGH. “Including Mass General in our will is a continuation of our current giving,” explains Dr. Warshaw. “I have spent years creating a group of physicians who are internationally recognized. As our generation steps back and a new generation takes over, our bequest is a way to help them when we are gone.”

Together, the duo has witnessed the dramatic advances in medicine. “In 1972, there was no magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasounds or CT scans,” recalls Dr. Warshaw. “Medicine will continue to change, and we hope our giving will help that change happen.”