For more than 200 years, people have looked to Mass General for answers, innovations and unmatched medical leadership.  Every step of the way, the energy and support of our philanthropic donors have helped forge Mass General’s worldwide reputation as a provider of unsurpassed care and a powerhouse of medical research and education.

Once an institution largely focused on the needs of Boston, Mass General now serves vulnerable communities at home and abroad.  The opportunities for Mass General donors — large and small — to impact their community and the world have grown as dramatically as the hospital’s reach.

The clinically advanced Lunder Building is an enduring reflection of what our committed supporters have helped us achieve.  Since the facility opened in 2011, MGH doctors have performed tens of thousands of procedures in its high-tech operating rooms.  Thousands more have benefitted from the Lunder’s Redstone Department of Emergency Medicine, its Austen Inpatient Care Pavilion and its Clark Center for Radiation Oncology, dedicated to state-of-the-art cancer treatment.

The new Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard is another powerful symbol of philanthropic impact.  Scientists there are making extraordinary progress in the global battle against HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.  The quest to conquer HIV/AIDS has taken MGH researchers and clinicians to the heart of the epidemic in South Africa, reflecting other medical research and relief efforts in Haiti, Japan and other countries.

Back home, women at risk of cardiovascular disease are living healthier lives thanks to our donors. Our returning veterans and their families are receiving much-needed help in acclimating to civilian life. Surgical patients are enduring less pain and experiencing faster recovery thanks to new non-invasive surgical techniques. And innovative models of healthcare delivery are being piloted to promote high quality care with more efficiency and lower cost.