About the MGH Fund

When you give to the MGH Fund, you make an investment in the future of medicine and science. This investment promises an invaluable return: groundbreaking discoveries that lead to better health care for all.

Mass General’s annual fund, the MGH Fund, supports a diverse array of initiatives across the hospital. The MGH Fund plays a vital role in the hospital’s ability to remain at the forefront of medical research and provide extraordinary patient care. Gifts to the MGH Fund have the flexibility to be put to use immediately and are given wherever the hospital deems that they are needed the most.

Donations to the MGH Fund have:

  • Helped our physician-scientists develop revolutionary cancer detection methods
  • Allowed an interdisciplinary team of specialists to perform groundbreaking surgeries that eradicate scars while minimizing pain and recovery time
  • Helped establish clinical centers that provide specialized care to patients with rare disorders
  • Given researchers the tools to conduct studies that track the evolution of infectious diseases
  • Supported disaster relief across the globe

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