MGH and the Boston Marathon Bombing

MGHfC Cancer Center Marathon Team Marks $10 Million Milestone

And they’re off! The Mass General Marathon Program is ready to recruit runners for the 2015 Boston Marathon. Apply to join one of our two teams today!

Hand Transplant Produces Results Beyond Expectations

Heart Disease is Target of Mass General Program for Cancer Survivors

The Mass General Cardio Oncology Program is designed to coordinate care for cancer patients and cancer survivors who have heart disease or are at risk of developing it.

MGH and the Boston Marathon Bombing

Mass General Researcher Pursues Regenerated Organs Made to Order

MGH research into regenerated organs brings us closer to the day when faulty hearts, lungs and kidneys may be swapped for new ones grown with our own cells.

Hand Transplant Produces Results Beyond Expectations

Hand Transplant Produces Results Beyond Expectations

Joe Kinan's trailblazing hand transplant reflects Mass General's determination to use such procedures to enhance the quality of life for amputees.

Immune System Strategy Makes MGH Transplant a Milestone

MGH Initiative Aims for Addiction Treatment and Prevention

Mass General's sustained effort to support one determined Chelsea woman's recovery reflects its commitment addiction treatment and prevention.

Pursuing New Cancer Treatments From Basics to Breakthroughs

Celiac Disease and the Unforeseen Path to Discovery

Celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders were not the radar when Mass General's Alessio Fasano, MD, began his groundbreaking research quest.

Biomass Fuels

Impact in Uganda Reflects MGH Global Health Mission

Through their global health efforts in Uganda, Mass General clinicians and researchers are helping to improve health care and conduct pioneering research.

Telehealth in practice at Mass General

Alzheimer’s Disease: The Unsung Heroes

While providing compassionate care to Alzheimer's disease patients and their families, Mass General is pursuing research to improve diagnosis and treatment.


Shared Decision Making: MGH Patients Help Plan Their Care

Linda Goulet first encountered “shared decision making” when she came to Massachusetts General Hospital for advice about treating her stage III bladder cancer.

Katrina Armstrong, MD

An Interview with Matthew Provencher, MD, Sports Medicine Chief

Mass General's sports medicine chief talks about great assets, comprehesive programs and building one of the top sports medicine programs in the country.

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