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Extending the Reach of Mass General’s Impact: the Center for Global Health

Global Health Mass General FlagOur mission goes beyond discovering new ways to prevent and treat disease. We strive to extend the benefits of these medical innovations to everyone in need, from homeless men and women in Boston to poor children in the rural reaches of sub-Saharan Africa. We do this by training doctors, nurses and other caregivers to translate Mass General’s great discoveries into direct care for the world’s most vulnerable communities.

A Few Dollars Can Change a Life

Charitable gifts don’t have to be big to have an impact. The money it takes to buy a lunch or a tank of gas in this country can make a life-and-death difference for struggling families elsewhere. Mass General caregivers know because, everyday in countries around the world, they are putting such gifts to work.

The Center for Global Health: Making an Impact Here & Abroad

Global Health: Cholera in HaitiThe Center for Global Health is improving the lives and health of the world’s most vulnerable people. Learn about the latest developments and how, with your generous support, we can make a difference all over the world.

Women in Global Health

Global Health at Mass General: Moms Helping MomsWomen in Global Health is an initiative at Mass General to support female healthcare leaders in this country who are working to improve the lives of women in developing countries such as Uganda, India and South Africa. In addition to fighting disease, the effort aims improve patient care and build stronger systems for delivering it. By connecting young, female physicians and nurses here with their local counterparts elsewhere, Women in Global Health fosters a spirit of collaboration and sparks learning that goes in both directions.

Corporate Philanthropy Supports Global Health

Global Health: Children DancingMass General is providing care to those in great need all over the world. By supporting such work, your business can make a statement about itself while also playing a vital role in improving communities today and for generations to come. Companies’ support has come in the form of outright gifts, buying tables at fundraising dinners, volunteer leadership on hospital advisory councils and in-kind donations. Contact us today to learn more.