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COVID-19: Your Gift, Your Impact

Thank you

From the earliest days of the pandemic, generous donors like you have helped us make incredible progress in the battle against COVID-19. Your contributions to Mass General’s Emergency Response Fund provided critical, flexible resources that allowed us to tackle the most urgent needs. Your immediate outpouring of support also sent a powerful message to our teams — we were not alone in this fight. Whether this was your first time donating or your hundredth, every one of your gifts has made a difference.

Your Philanthropy in Action infographic
Going above and beyond

Going above and beyond

Your gifts have provided critical resources for frontline divisions who have gone to extraordinary lengths to care for our patients with COVID-19. These teams selflessly transcended their usual duties to serve as key leaders during this crisis.

  • Infectious Diseases physicians provided 24/7 diagnostic consultations across the hospital and expanded the body of knowledge about the virus by supporting numerous clinical trials.
  • Pulmonary and Critical Care teams stepped up when our ICU capacity doubled from 150 to 300 beds, providing expert guidance to care teams redeployed from across the hospital to manage this unprecedented increase in patients.
  • Nurses played an invaluable role facilitating patient care and recovery, developing innovative ways to save lives and connect isolated patients to their loved ones through bedside tablets and other technology.
Going above and beyond

Caring for our caregivers

Throughout the pandemic, Mass General employees have risen to each challenge with unwavering commitment, integrity and courage. Nevertheless, the stress that comes with navigating such a crisis can take a toll on mental and emotional health. With your support, Mass General has provided a variety of services and resources to restore, nurture and protect our team’s wellbeing.

  • The Center for Physician Wellbeing is building a dashboard to measure and track the workloads of physicians, practices, and divisions, ensuring improvements can be made when needed.
  • The Phoenix Project is launching new efforts that improve workflow, reduce burnout, transform care delivery and support the overall wellness of our medical teams.
  • Mental health resources, made available thanks to your philanthropy, continue to help our employees persevere through countless challenges and cope with stress, trauma or grief.
research at Mass General

Fueling research at the forefront

Bold breakthroughs in medicine require bold investments. Your contributions provided early “seed” funding to swiftly launch the Mass General Brigham Center for COVID Innovation (MGBCCI), establishing a key platform to accelerate collaborative discoveries. Thanks to you, teams of experts at the MGBCCI were able to create lifesaving devices, diagnostic tests, clinical trials, and treatments at an unprecedented rate when they were needed most. These efforts will continue to strengthen our already robust research enterprise, with new partnerships and lines of study that will impact our work far into the future.

security ambassadors

Providing relief to employees

While our dedicated staff protected and cared for our patients and communities, many of them also faced unexpected crises at home as a result of the pandemic — from family job losses, to unforeseen medical bills, to funeral expenses for relatives lost to COVID-19. Your giving allowed us to create a COVID-19 Employee Grant Program that offered direct financial relief to thousands of Mass General employees — our most treasured resource. Thanks to you, every employee who applied received a grant to buffer the myriad effects of this extraordinary global event.

Bringing hope to our patients

Buoyed by your generosity, frontline teams provided expert, compassionate care for patients and their loved ones in even the most difficult circumstances. The Zaldana family’s story illustrates how Mass General serves as a beacon of hope in times of crisis.

A lasting impact

As we reflect on this exceptional chapter of our history, we are humbled and inspired by donors like you. Your philanthropy continues to revolutionize the way we care for our patients, improve health care outcomes in vulnerable communities and empower research collaborations that will yield groundbreaking discoveries for years to come.

thank you