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  • Dr. Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo (gastrointestinal surgeon) was instrumental in my surgery and recovery! I’m forever thankful for his informative/compassionate skills! A million thank you’s to him and all other dedicated doctors at MGH.


  • Dr Lawrence Borges, Valerie Keith, and the staff on the Neurosurgery Unit.
    This time last year, I couldn’t walk, sit, stand, drive, or lie down without excruciating pain. You gave me back my life and I am forever grateful.


  • Dr Lawrence Borges, Valerie Keith, and the staff on the Neurosurgery Unit.
    This time last year, I couldn’t walk, sit, stand, drive, or lie down without excruciating pain. You gave me back my life and I am forever grateful.


  • Many thanks to Dr. Richard Lee, Erika, Pam Powell.. their warmth, sincere concern and always a word of hope for my husband with his advanced prostate cancer. At their Yawkey office, Al referred to Dr Lee as”Dr, Sunshine”


  • Thank you for the smiles and freshly brewed coffee every morning at 125 Nashua Street Cafe, Tracy and Sam!


  • Thank you to the Doctors and nurses in the MICU who saved my life. Special thanks to Dr. Schainfeld and the amazing nurses Tom, Christine, Michael and Alexa. Also thank you to the nurses on the Cardiac step down unit Courtney, Jackie, Emma & Chimemwe.


  • So grateful to the lung transplant team under Dr Todd Astor and Dr Garcia and the Cardiac Care ICU under Dr Hoffman, nurses and techs who gave my husband John Hawver a 2nd chance at life. Unfortunately he passed after 8 mons-but the time was precious. <3


  • Dr. John Niles and his entire Team for my treatment of more than 2 Years. I was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2013. After 2 years of treatment the disease has been in remission for more than 2 years. Saved my life! Thank you everyone! ❤


  • We are incredibly grateful for Dr. Manuella Lahoud-Rahme. She is our daughter Kayla’s cardiologist. She is goes above and beyond her job description for us always. This makes us feel at ease with a difficult diagnosis. We love her! Best cardiologist!

    -Amy and Jason

  • I am very grateful to all NICU and Ellison 17 Nused and Staff you are extremely wonderful! To Dr Peter Masiakos and his team for all the effort and dedication in taking care of Esther! We love each of you! MGH is the best place! ❤


  • Dr Donahue, Julie Donahue and the MGH staff! Many, many thanks for all of their expertise with TOS! The before, during and after care is unbelievable! Well worth traveling to see the best!


  • Dr. AK Goodman,
    Thank you for helping me through the hardest time in my life. Your skills have allowed me to see three grandchildren, travel, and spend time sharing moments with friends and family. Thank you for everything. Love you, Sandi


  • -Matthew

  • To all the incredible nurses and staff on Lunder 9 and Lunder 10…I’ll be forever grateful for not only the medical care I recieved but also for the compassion and support that got me through the most difficult time of my life.


  • To Dr. Dave Ebb and Rhonda, words cannot express how thankful we are for you! You took such great care of Joey and Rhonda, as well as taking care of Joey, you took care of me, too. Thank you for helping us through a difficult journey.


  • To Dr. Jennifer Shin, Thank you for being such a kind, caring doctor. You always take the time to listen and you always put my mind at ease. And, you are one of my biggest cheerleaders! Happy Valentines Day


  • Thanks to Dr. Doody for taking such wonderful care of Ben – he has been healthy ever since. We will never be able to tell you how grateful we are


  • -Mary

  • Thanks to the doctors, nurses and support staffs in Boston and Revere for all the help, starting back in 2010 when I first checked in.


  • MGH-
    Simply the best hospital on the planet. Would never dream of going anywhere else. Thank you for being there for me and my family.❤


  • Dr. Christina Gelev:
    There is a special place in heaven for doctors who care for other doctors. You are simply the best. Thank you for caring for this crazy doctor for so many years. ❤


  • Dr. Richard Schouten:
    Thank you helping me realize and accept the importance of past experiences on how we respond to current life events. Thank you for normalizing my fears and my sadness, and for helping me get my life back!


  • Thank God for amazing Breast surgeons like the great Dr. Specht. She is true angel walking this earth bringing peace and good health to women far and wide. THANK YOU!❤


  • Dr. Robert Doyle:
    Thank you for your amazing psychiatric care of my son, Will Gilson. Your expertise has given me tremendous peace of mind and helped to make this autism journey so beautiful for myself and for my son. We are eternally grateful.


  • Dr. Carey York-Best:
    Words simply cannot express how grateful I am to you for the outstanding care you have given me over the past 20 years. I would not have my 2 beautiful children if it were not for you. God bless you!❤


  • To Dr. Schorge: Thank you with all my heart for giving me the opportunity to share in the joy of the birth of my granddaughter! Words can never express my family’s and my gratitude.


  • To the MGHfC Pediatric Epilepsy Team, especially Dr. Ron Thibert and Heidi Pfeifer, we love you and we are so appreciative of your expertise and compassionate care. Happy Valentine’s Day!!


  • -David

  • Keep up the great work!


  • Thank you D. A man Patel and his Team for saving my life. And thank you to Nurse Practitioner Christina Matthews for keeping me going! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    -Patricia DeFlumeri

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the greatest team of cardiac doctors out there! So very blessed for the wonderful care from Dr Liberthson for over 20 years!!! I Continue to be blessed with Dr Bahtt! Happy heart day and thank you all for your exceptional care!!


  • To the amazing doctors, nurses, and staff in the PICU who cared for my Godson, Zachary Ostrowski, THANK YOU. and Happy Valentines Day!!


  • Thank you to the all doctors, nurses, and staff for the amazing kindness and care you have show my son over the years. You are valued and represent hope to all the families you treat!


  • To the great team at the Women’s Health Associates especially Karen Carlson & Maira Perez!!! Thank you for all that you do! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • To the amazing Dr Lauren Fiechtner,
    Thank you for all you do! We hope you have a wonderful valentines day!
    The Hart Family


  • To the wonderful staff in the heart transplant dept.
    Coral haggen,dr dec,dr.semigran ,thank you and happy valentines day ….


  • To the AMAZING people at the MGHfC IBD clinic especially Dr. Chris Moran, Dr. Esther Israel, Dr. Jess Kaplan and Jeff Savarino- Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! You have make the world a better place and we are forever grateful! OX The Horan Fam


  • I’m very grateful to Sofia – my wonderful Physical Therapist from MGH in Chelsea! Thank you for your great work and for your beautiful kind heart!


  • Thank you,Dr Jonathan Winograd!
    Thank you so very much for your great work,for all your help and understanding!
    Also- Big Thanks to all your Team! – They are just wonderful!!!


  • I’m very grateful to all people from MGH who are making such a huge difference in our lives! I don’t remember all your names,but I will never forget your deeds! You are making life more beautiful! You are my heroes!
    God bless you!


  • I’m very grateful for such a wonderful nurses – Amanda Dimatteo and Michele Farrell – some how you made a difficult time of Chemo very pleasant and happy!
    Thank you so very much for your hard work and beautiful heart!


  • Thank you,Seth Wander! – I wish you the Best with everything you do!


  • Thank you,Beth Strand! -You are such a wonderful person! Thank you for all your help and understanding! You always will be in my heart!
    Thank you,Nilvie – you are wonderful,helpful and kind!


  • Thank you,Dr Jennifer Shin!
    Your optimism,patience,kindness,your ability to make me feel like I’m part of your family – all of that made my journey much easier and lighter!
    You are a very good doctor and such a nice person! Thank you!!!


  • Thank you,Dr Michele Gadd!- You are a great surgeon and such a wonderful person with a kind heart!
    Thank you for your hard work and for the ability to make difficult life experience a little bit easier!
    I’m very grateful to you and all your Team!!!


  • To Sonia on white 10, my grandma still talks about you to this day, you were such an amazing nurse and she attributes her recovery to you! She was in summer of 2015, while visiting to see my son born.


  • Love and Thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Thiele and #1 Nurse Jan Paolini for all the love and care you have given to Gretchen over the years. It warms my heart knowing she’s in the best hands.

    Kathy & Gretchen


  • Wishing the dynamic duo of Dr. Marcela delCarmen and nurse Elizabeth DiTavi, Yawkey 9E, a happy Valentine’s Day. Continuing to make memories together-you’re the best!


  • Many many thanks to Dr. Taghian, Dr. Comander my fantastic oncologist, and the whole Radiation and Oncology team for the great care I received a couple years ago! I was always comfortable and felt I was in excellent hands.


  • Thank you to my hero Dr. Lanuti and his entire team as well as all the nurses and staff at Ellison who took fantastic care of me. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love and joy. My heart is full of love and thanks to all of you for all you do.


  • To Michele Gadd and Jeanne Bryan,
    Thank you for your loving care these 18 years. You are the BEST! Xxoo


  • Thank you to Dr. Chen, Jessica, and everyone on the Bone Marrow Transplant Team for their extraordinary care and compassion over the last few years. Thank you to Dr. Abramson and Dr. Barnes for recognizing that this was the team for me.

    -Leslie and Vincent

  • To Irene Kuter and Diane Doyle,
    Thank you for your loving care these 18 years! You WOW me!


  • To Dr Irene Kuter, Diane Doyle, Sharon Amos and all on the 9th and 8th floor of the Yawkey Building. I am forever grateful to you for such amazing treatment and caring. Because of you I can be with all my Valentines❤ Thank you so much!


  • Sending hugs and ❤️ To an amazing Staff on Yawkey 9.
    To Dr AK and her most dedicated team, I am forever
    grateful for the best care and return to good health❤️


  • Sending love and thanks to Dr. Edwin Choy for the care shown to my son-in-law Jon and my daughter Dana during Jon’s illness. Thank you for your continued sarcoma research. I hope your work will bear fruit.


  • Sending love to the staff of Lunder 6 who demonstrate their love of nursing and love of their patients and families every day!❤


  • Happy Valentines Day to all our Cancer Center patients and staff. I hope everyone has an amazing day! Kerri


  • Dr. Raje and team, and Jyll in the Infusion Center- your kindness and empathy have made living with cancer bearable. Thank you for all you do for not just your patients, but also their loved ones.


  • Love and appreciation to Dr. Christina Ferroni, her staff, and MGH for their part in restoring and monitoring my health. So extremely grateful.


  • No words can express my gratitude for my surgeon Thomas Macgilliviray, my cardiologist, Ami Bhatt, CICU, Ellison 8 & anyone in between. Two amazing & successful OHS within ten weeks. I am blessed, grateful & thankful for everything they have done.


  • My post-thyroid surgery recovery was great because of you! Thanks for the ice chips, walk around the “block” and constantly smiley face and good cheer. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • AshokMuniappian you saved my life. I’ll never for getnyou


  • Thank you to my hero….Doctor Michael Watkins….wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day.


  • Thank you to my wonder team – Dr. Claire Bloom, Dr. Malissa Wood, Dr.Eugene Rhee and all the nurses and staff in their offices. Happy Valentine’s Day – thx for keeping me well and always being there.

    Lynne Graziano Morin

    -Lynne G M

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to Dr. Liz Lawson! ❤

    -The Bigelow family

  • Thank you, Dr. Fingold for all the caring and being such a great doctor. Much appreciated. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Thank you Carol McSheffrey for being there and caring during all my difficult times. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Happy Valentines Day to Dr. Ryan W Carroll. Thank you for all that you do in Boston and Mbarara!!!


  • Thank you to the urology department and the nurse on the urology unit you guys are awesome and very kind. Thank you Dr. Dayton Rodriguez for all the care you provide to improve my health. I’m very thankful


  • Happy Valentines Day to the OA (Operations Associates) at MGH! You provide a necesssry and valued service to the nurses , the patients and patient families. Jim


  • Thank you and Happy Valentines Day to the staff of Ellison 12! Thank you the work you did to help me and your care during my recent stay. Jim McCarthy


  • Thank you to the BEST GI nurses at the crohns and colitis clinic. You are all wonderful nurses!


  • Dr. Faustman – thank you for your ongoing work toward a cute for Type 1 diabetes. Our lives depend on you! Love from Ohio, the Friedhoff family


  • Thank you for your continued hospitality!


  • Thank you for doing all that you do.


  • A heartfelt thank you to my amazing surgeon Dr. Brian Grottkau. I am forever grateful for your excellent care, compassion, and kindness.


  • With much gratitude to Jeanne Gallagher from Development Office for years of wonderful service. Also to my providers , Dr. Andrew Freiberg, ortho. Dr A . Hutter, cardiology and Dr. Peter Kelsey, GI . Thank you for your excellent care.


  • You guys are the best!


  • Thank you dr. John Godine his assistant Molly, all the nurses in bigelow 11, Ellison 12, Blake ICU. Dr. Richard Hodin and his team. Your all amazing. The family of John Buonaugurio


  • To all the doctors and nurses on Ellison 17 as well as My sisters amazing surgeon Dr. Masiakos – I am eternally grateful for the compassion, expertise and care during my sisters surgery &aftercare. She now has many healthy days ahead of her because of MGH


  • MGH nurses and doctors helped save my boyfriend after a car accident! They were attentive and caring!


  • So much admiration and appreciation for the hundreds of wonderful MGH staff members who helped my husband survive aortic dissection and complications in April 2013. He’s doing great thanks to your ongoing care!


  • Thank you to all of the Ellison 17 nurses and doctors for helping me through my surgery!!! You guys are the true heros. A special thank you to Nurse Valentina and Nurse Jane! You two are the most incredible nurses I have ever had! Thank you for everything




  • To all of the staff on Lunder 9, I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for my family and I. From letting me sleep in to being so supportive when I was working on my thesis paper. I love each and every one of you! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Thank you for being amazing and taking care of my mom when she had Lung cancer! The staff was amazing. Her prognosis was not good, but she made it cancer free for 6 years!


  • Thank you Ellison 17 nurses for helping families hold it together. You are the glue!


  • Thanks to the Neuro ICU & RACU teams who provided top notch medical care to our friend, Bill G., all while treating him (and us, his friends) with respect and compassion. Your efforts clearly played a huge part in his miracle, and we remain so grateful.


  • Dr. Eunice Kwok,
    Our family will never forget your kindness, compassionate care and going above and beyond to help my 44 year old nephew, Glen Barbeito.
    You gave him 6 more months with us and for that, we are eternally grateful. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • In praise of our wonderful neurologist William Curry and our terrific ENT, Stacey Gray. You are the dynamic duo we love on Valentine’s Day and always!

    -Ken and Joan

  • Warm Wishes to Dr. Alphonse Taghian for his excellent care and compassion.
    Dr. Taghian is the Best of the best!!! Love ❤️ MGH❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • A heartfelt Thank You to Dr Helen Shih and the nurses in radiation oncology dept for the love and amazing care to Jason Farley.
    We are forever greatful !


  • Dr. Smulders-Myer and Dr. Lau have always been so good to me, as has Dr. Ross. You all ROCK!


  • Much love for Greg Nuzzo-Mueller and the amazing work he does as an RN day in and day out at MGH!

    -Leigh & Bryan

  • Much love for MGH!


  • A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Price and the Sports Medicine team for all of their TLC and expertise in helping me to recover from my skiing injuries. When I’m able to get up on skis again, I will be thinking of you!!


  • Mass General gastroenterology saved my life and I will be forever grateful.


  • My daughter was born two years ago at MGH and she had to spend the first couple of days in the NICU. We are forever grateful for everything the nurses and doctors did to care for her and us.

    -Erin and Chris

  • I am incredibly grateful for the positive relationship I have with my primary care physician. She is always quick to respond and knows my history so well – I know I always have an ally.


  • Thank you to the amazing teams on Blake 13 & 14. We want to show some love to those that brought our most lovable baby boy into the world!