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Why We Give | Laura and Chris Choma

Laura and Chris Choma

Donor Story

Why We Give | Laura and Chris Choma

As a gesture of thanks for the care they received at Mass General, Laura and Chris Choma are giving back through the MGH Fund.

Mass General Giving
December 2, 2021

MGH Fund supporters Laura and Chris Choma describe how they became involved with Mass General and what motivates them to continue giving back.

A few years ago, Chris had a bit of a health scare and sought support from a specialist at Mass General, who came highly recommended by our friends. From the first phone call we made, our experience with the hospital was amazing. As a patient, Chris felt important and cared for — and we’ve never forgotten that.

Because of our incredible care experience, we wanted to pay it forward so others can have the same experience. We started giving to the MGH Fund and joined The 1811 Society, which recognizes annual leadership donors. Later Chris became a member of the MGH Fund Leadership Council. We also attend many events, something we particularly enjoy because we always learn something new and inspirational about the wonderful work being done here.

Chris is asked to volunteer for a lot of things — Mass General was the first instance where he felt inspired to do something beyond financial giving. It’s been a lot of fun to put on the Mass General hat and go out and meet new people who feel the same connection to the hospital as we do. It’s very rewarding to bring them to events like the Golf Classic and see them become inspired to learn more about how to support Mass General. It’s the easiest ask to make.

Once you become a part of the Mass General community, you can’t help but feel like you want to do more. We’ll never forget our first MGH Fund event where a cancer researcher was describing a new cancer technology called the CTC-chip. He said that instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, they now remove the haystack to find the needle more easily. That was so inspirational to hear, and he knew how to describe it to a general audience. It’s just one example of the expertise at Mass General. We always say that we are so lucky to live where we do and have Mass General in our backyard. The least we can do is give back and ask others to give.

After the personal care experience Chris had, we just felt compelled to give back and make sure these remarkable experiences can continue for others. We also look forward to involving our children in the future, so they can create their own philanthropic journeys.

While there are others who may give more than we do, we always know our support to the MGH Fund makes a direct impact. These types of dollars are important because they are so flexible and support the areas across the hospital that are in greatest need, including making sure Mass General can continue recruiting the future “Tom Bradys” of medicine.

— Laura and Chris Choma

“Why We Give” celebrates the ordinary and extraordinary reasons people choose to support Mass General. Everyone has a different story and every story shared is a chance to inspire others. If you would like to share why you give to Mass General, we welcome your stories. Thank you to our incredible community of supporters.