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The one hundred honoree: Thomas Hiney, BS, RTT

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Thomas Hiney, BS, RTT

Mass General Giving

A clinician in the Mass General Department of Radiation Oncology, Thomas (TJ) Hiney, BS, RTT, was recently promoted to the position of senior radiation therapist in recognition of his initiative, dedication and skill.

Without being asked, TJ readily took on additional responsibilities during the two-month leave of a team leader. Such commitment is characteristic of TJ, whose colleagues value his ability to work well with everyone in the department and his nonstop generosity and good will. “TJ is always ready

to assist anyone in any way possible,” says one colleague. “And he has an amazing ability to remain calm and collected at all times.”

TJ draws abundant energy, joy and satisfaction from his relationships with the patients he treats on a daily basis. They reciprocate, brightening up the minute he walks into the treatment room. TJ has a unique ability to make patients feel safe, comfortable and at home in his presence. When they return for follow-up appointments, patients always seek out TJ, whose exceptionally positive manner eases the challenges of treatment.