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The one hundred honoree: Stan Golub

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Stan Golub

Mass General Giving

In 2003, shortly before he succumbed to brain cancer, Stewart Brown inspired his closest fly-fishing buddies to join him in founding Reel Recovery. The nonprofit supports men with cancer by offering all-expenses-paid retreats that enable participants to share their experiences with cancer while learning the pleasures of fly-fishing.

Now in its seventh year, Reel Recovery will conduct 19 retreats in 13 states from April through November. Each two-and-a-half day retreat hosts between 12 to 14 men.

As co-founder and executive director, Stan Golub ceaselessly raises funds for the program and continuously expands its nationwide network of local volunteers, including fly-fishing clubs and equipment suppliers.

Joining Stan in leading each retreat is fellow co-founder and program director Coy Theobalt. A psychotherapist, Coy guides participants in talking about their challenges in coping with cancer. The men swap fishing tales and also share stories of vulnerability, endurance, loss and hope. They leave with new insights, friendships and a fresh source of joy — fly-fishing.