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The one hundred honoree: Sandra Pugsley, RN

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Sandra Pugsley, RN

Mass General Giving

Sandra Pugsley, RN, is a nurse on Mass General’s Ellison 18 and is one of the hardest working and most caring people I have ever met. We were first introduced to Sandra when my son was admitted for chemotherapy. It was evident from the beginning how much compassion Sandra has for the kids in her care. She never seems to stop; she is always on the go, taking care of something or someone, answering a phone, making sure the kids have everything they need. She makes it very pleasant for her patients, and my son was always happy to see her walk into the room. She was exceptional as well at making sure we, the family members, were comfortable, too. It is hard enough for children to deal with the things they are going through, but having someone like Sandra there makes it much easier. She is an exceptional nurse and an exceptional person and Mass General is a much better place for having her.

— Chris Buliga