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The one hundred honoree: Ryan Sullivan, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Ryan Sullivan, MD

Mass General Giving

Melanoma specialist Ryan Sullivan, MD, never hesitates to give his patients the information and insight they need to navigate their cancer journey.

For patients and families who work closely with Dr. Sullivan, there’s an incredible sense of comfort that cannot be overstated. “Dr. Sullivan puts his patients first,” says Mass General Cancer Center patient Maureen Dillon. “Through my cancer journey, whenever I was nervous about something or had any type of problem, I would email him. No matter how big or small the problem was, he literally would get back to me within minutes. Any time of the day or night. I cannot stress how important this was to me.” As every patient knows, the stress of cancer is bad enough, and only gets more difficult when there’s a question or problem left without an answer. Dr. Sullivan understands this simple but vital fact, and is always there to provide comfort in any way he can.

Lily Guttentag also appreciates the compassionate skills of Dr. Sullivan. She grew up at Mass General, attending the hospital’s day care while her mother worked as a clinician. Lily even had her first job at Mass General, but gained a new appreciation when her father began treatment at the Cancer Center.

“Dr. Sullivan is the oncologist who is saving my father’s life. With the help of his remarkable team, Dr. Sullivan provides knowledgeable and compassionate care during the scariest time of people’s lives. He is the shepherd guiding our family through life living with cancer, patiently answering each question and addressing every concern. To us, he is everyday amazing.”