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The one hundred honoree: Roni Woods, RN, OCN

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Roni Woods, RN, OCN

Mass General Giving

As a practice nurse for the Center for Hematology at the Mass General Cancer Center, Roni Woods, RN, OCN, treats every patient in her large and busy practice with compassion and respect. Generous with her time, Roni is known for her attentiveness to her patients’ medical treatment as well as their emotional needs.

Roni also makes time for the family members and friends who are so essential to the care and well-being of her patients. When a young lymphoma patient was overwhelmed with frustration during treatment, Roni used her empathetic bond with the girl to guide her into counseling.

Tireless in her commitment to her patients and their families, Roni leads her colleagues in collecting donations to purchase grocery cards for patients during the holidays. “At a time of the year when many find they have little energy to spare,” says clinical social worker Amy Corveleyn, “Roni continues to put our patients and their needs first.”