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The one hundred honoree: Rhonda  McGrail

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Rhonda McGrail

Mass General Giving

With heart and flair, Rhonda McGrail has founded “Covers for Chemo, Inc.” a nonprofit that brings small gifts to cancer patients that make a big difference in their comfort as well as their outlook on life.

While hospitalized with stage 4 colorectal cancer, Rhonda prized the comfort of her Snuggie, a robe-like fleece blanket with sleeves. One of her roommates was an elderly woman who was frequently cold until Rhonda cloaked her in the soft, cozy robe. When Rhonda left the hospital, she gave the Snuggie to her roommate.

Back home, Rhonda and her family had the idea to provide free Snuggies to patients at local cancer centers. Soon, Rhonda was creating a kit designed for patients just starting chemotherapy. Rhonda’s tote bag includes lip balm, hand sanitizer, a notepad and pen, mouthwash, a deck of cards and nutrition tips and other items that provide comfort to the patient

Before long, Rhonda was running a website as well as fundraising and distribution operations to bring her kits to patients, all under the title of “Covers for Chemo.”

“Rhonda McGrail, my mother-in-law, is my hero,” writes Megan Roderick. “She lives life to its fullest. I have never seen anyone fight cancer with such gusto.”