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The one hundred honoree: Rhaea Photopoulos, MS, MSN, ANP-BC

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The one hundred honoree: Rhaea Photopoulos, MS, MSN, ANP-BC

Mass General Giving

Facing cancer can be a daunting challenge. But if you’re facing cancer—and you’re alone–it can be so much more difficult. Rhaea Photopoulos, MS, MSN, ANP-BC, is not about to let that happen.
While many patients are often surrounded by family and friends, it’s not always the case. Due to family situations, or distance, or a combination of other factors, some people begin their cancer journey without a family member by their side. This is what happened to Sharon, a colorectal cancer patient at the Mass General Cancer Center.

“I am going this alone,” says Sharon, “but Rhaea has made me hopeful, and is a key part of my team. She is just a very positive and kind person.” As a nurse practitioner at the Mass General Cancer Center, Rhaea is supportive of all her patients, coordinating the entire team in order to provide the best experience possible.

During the course of Sharon’s care, Rhaea has continually reached out to Sharon’s doctors, helping to oversee every detail—large and small—that is essential for proper treatment. Rhaea has also been in touch with Sharon’s psychologist, making sure her emotional needs are being met as well.

While many medical professionals may say this is simply part of the job, it’s been a truly personal and vital experience for Sharon. “I know that Rhaea goes out of her way to give cancer patients some peace of mind throughout the treatment process,” she says. “She is naturally caring and kind, and I am greatly appreciative of her care of me.”