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The one hundred honoree: Rev. Thomas A. Mahoney, Mdiv

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Rev. Thomas A. Mahoney, Mdiv

Mass General Giving

Thomas A. Mahoney, MDiv, is a staff chaplain within Mass General. The hospital’s Chaplaincy Program serves patients and their families as well as staff. As diverse as the hospital’s population, the chaplaincy represents and serves people of all faiths as well as those with no religious affiliation.

Rev. Tom is known for his compassion, non-judgmental listening and creative approaches as he ministers to patients in crisis, particularly those who are moving from aggressive treatment to palliative care. He helps patients deal with the complex challenges that arise in coping with cancer, tackling religious questions, fear, anger, forgiveness, guilt and loss.

“I understand my mission to be about helping people to recognize and connect with the spiritual dimension of life’s journey and coping with the peaks and valleys of human experience,” says Rev. Tom, who was ordained in 1998 and served in parish ministry for eight years before joining Mass General.